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A global provider of innovative technology

Proven patented performance products

Heat Shot is a proven performer in some of the world’s most extreme conditions. The design of our heated washer system is unique. When something is this effective, affordable and easy to incorporate or retrofit, it’s no wonder it’s protected by a world-wide patent.

Dedicated to improving safety and conserving resources

Heat Shot isn’t simply about saving time. It’s about saving lives and fuel. Faster, clearer vision for all domestic and commercial drivers improves motoring safety. Dramatically reduced idling time for screen clearing also delivers greater operating efficiency and fuel savings.

Dignity. Respect. Accountability. Credibility.

Corporately. Socially. We are highly responsible right across our worldwide supply chain. We are committed to providing safe working conditions. Workers are treated with dignity. With genuine respect. We manufacture environmentally responsibly where possible too.

Clearly Brilliant
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A genuinely unique productyou can really believe in.

Grasp the advantages

Installing Heat Shot has real tangible benefits for every driver, in every season. Snow, frost, insects, bird droppings, oil – Heat Shot heats and delivers washer fluid to clear all. Assists in clearing frozen jets. Broadens spray coverage. Improves clarity. Improves wiper blade performance. Reduces engine idling time. Above all, it improves safety.

Seize the opportunity

Real innovation in the motor industry is something to be seized upon. Heat Shot adds value, improves safety and gives manufacturer’s and fleet managers a genuine point of difference. An unusually useful extra for so little, it needn’t be an extra.

Heat Shot Anatomy

Heat Shot can be included at factory fit or retro installed. It’s an out-of-the-box solution. It includes everything. The Heat Shot heated fluid windscreen wash system. Clear and simple instructions. All cabling, tubing and fixings. Everything.

Expect More
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Heat Shot: the catalyst for unexpected benefits.

Enhanced safety and performance

At -18˚C, Heat Shot can clear the windscreen in minutes and during summer months can clear bugs, grime and debris in seconds. The reduction in glare means drivers can drive with maximum windscreen visibility in all conditions when they need it most. Seeing is believing: watch our video. It means greater operational efficiency for businesses. It saves money and potentially saves lives.

Idle less. Save more

Heat Shot clears windscreens so quickly you can expect almost zero idling time wasting precious fuel. So expect lower emissions and impressive fuel savings. Less idling means you can expect reduced engine wear. So expect extended vehicle life and lower repair costs.

Higher security.

When vehicles are idling defrosting unattended with the keys in the ignition, they’re highly vulnerable to theft. Heat Shot clears windscreens so rapidly the driver doesn’t have time to even get out of the car. Reduced thefts means increased efficiency. Less hassle. Lower insurance premiums.

Zero Comparison
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Nothing comes close toHeat Shot performance
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Clearly a better solution

The Answers
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Questions commonlyFired at Heat Shot

Does it crack or damage the windscreen?

No. Heat Shot has been extensively tested and proven to be a quality and safe product.

How much power does the unit draw?

In extreme conditions, Heat Shot uses 50 Amps for 30 seconds. Minimal power is then required to keep it up to temperature. Heat Shot consumes less than 2 Amps per hour.

If I’ve a heated windscreen, why do I need Heat Shot?

A heated screen is only beneficial in sub zero conditions and not all year round. Heat Shot will penetrate frozen pipes and washer jets, ensuring constant availability of fluid in all weather conditions.

How long does it take to heat?

From initial start up in severe cold conditions, it will take a maximum of 30 seconds to heat the fluid.

Do I still need to use screenwash?

Yes. It’s crucial for optimum performance and prevents the water reservoir freezing. In summer months a bug wash will assist in the cleaning performance.

Can I install the system myself?

Whilst the installation is a fairly simple process, we recommend a professional installation.

Does it affect my insurance policy?

No, as it does not modify your engine performance.

Where is the unit installed?

Within the engine bay between washer bottle and washer jets.

Can it be fitted to any vehicle?

We are yet to find a vehicle Heat Shot can’t be retro-fitted to. We provide a solution to all vehicle types.

The answer is clear ...