The Heatshot unit - the difference is clear
heat Shot - Let nothing obstruct
your vision - Ice. Frost. Insects. Bird droppings. Road oil. Heatshot eradicates all from your windscreen. Effective, affordable and easily installed within existing washer systems, Heatshot saves fuel, hassle and lives.
heat Shot - Let nothing obstruct your vision
Pur și simplu eficient

Lichidul este

Incalzeste rapid
si eficient

Disponibilitate constanta
a lichidului

Curata parbrizul

Functioneaza in stationare
si in miscare

Desfunda duzele

Functioneaza in orice
conditii de vreme

Curata insectele
si murdaria

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Heat Shot Limited

Unit 1, Sovereign Business Park
Butterley Street, Hunslet
LS10 1AW
England, UK
+44 (0) 800 8799129

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